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Make them look! Running promotions can be a great return on investment, when done properly. We pride ourselves on training our team specifically for the product(s) they are representing to enhance brand recognition and ultimately increase sales.

Your one stop shop to product / brand promotions.

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Our job is to connect people to new brands and products, giving the product/brand the opportunity to impact people's lives in a positive way!

- Lauryn McCreadie
CEO & Founder of Ultimate

With over 10 years of promotional experience, we understand the importance of not only brand representation, but staffing the event with matching people for that particular product/brand.

We hire top-of-the-line brand ambassadors, who understand the importance of being reliable and on time, drawing poeple in, giving a solid pitch, and being able to answer questions like a pro.

Promotion and sales go hand in hand, and we pride ourselves on being an addition to your sales team!

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